Monday, April 28, 2014

How to be Semi Safe in Eve

                Eve Online is the greatest social experiment ever undertaken and I love it for that even though I’m a semi New Bro to the game. That being said let’s examine the realistic option people have to remain relevantly safe in Eve while they make Isk.
1st and Foremost the NPC crop: In the npc Corps you cannot be war decked. This keep you safe form wardecs as well as not allowing people to shoot you without concord involvement unless you go suspect in high sec.
2nd: Watching Local and D scan like a hawk and flying aligned. This give you the opportunity to escape if you are targeted by gangkers. When they pop up on d-scan or in local simply warp out. Any good pvper knows D Scan is there life blood. IT is an amazing tool that will help keep you and your fleets alive while taking winnable fights. The same rule can apply to high sec.  
3rd: Tank your ship a good tank and a warp stab can help your mining ships survive if you’re aligned. Ganker pops up and points you warp off and laugh as he dies.
4th: If you want a private semi safe area to make Isk in Rent. Rental space is filled with people who will feed you Intel of hostiles and give you time to prepare for them also if a hostiles in Local don’t undock / Leave the Pos. The down side is you’re paying for this safety to an organization that has bleed for that space but nothing in life or eve is free.
5th: High Sec mercs are an option if you want protection in high sec: Pay them the same as you would pay a rental fee and they offer services to you for that Isk. No clue how much or how affective but it is an option.

6th: Bravado isn’t helpful if you get gawked or killed. Take a deep breath after you hopefully got your pod out and analyze what happened. Was I flying a ship worth ganking? Was I not paying attention to local/ D-Scan? Was I AFK and not docked/ Posed? If you answer Yes to any of these questions learn from that and don’t yell / talk tough to the ganker it just makes you a bigger target.

7th: If your alliance / crop is big enough and you have influence within it station camp the gankers. Find where they operate where their jump clones are and where they live and then use that for your own ends suicide gank the ganker when there in an expensive ship. Fight Fire with fire most gankers in my experience don’t want a fight in high sec they want a kill within the allowed time frame remove the guaranteed win and they will not engage.
Why is important to learn to fly safe and Why am I submitting this to miner bumping. The first one is pretty obvious if you ask me but learning how to operate safely in Eve is the first lesson any new player should learn and while I don’t approve of the New Orders approach to save high sec and Eve it’s a sand Box and they can do what they want. IF they fell the Need to target me for this Please feel free I operate mainly in lawless space mostly but do have an alt in High Sec. Also the Need to have an equal Risk to Reward option is critical to eve. EVE is a game about Risk to Reward. Can I take that Fight? Do I make enough potential profit to risk the Isk I have. Nothing In Life is free or risk free so learn to calculate the risk and see if it’s profitable for you to do if it’s not don’t do it.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Types of Gamer's

Hello Friends and Welcome to The New Eden Project. Today I am going to explore the different types of players in eve. New Eden is a universe where people are free to be anything they wish to be. This very principle is the driving force behind eve. The way I play the game may differ from how you play it and that cause conflict. Conflict within itself creates content for the community. Player created content is what makes eve online what it is.

There are some typical words associated with eve players.
Care bares or Isk makers in eve they mine and run missions trying to avoid risk to their vessels they live in a multitude of regions but their goal is the same to generate Isk at little to no risk.
Pirates this players want to make Isk through darker means. They will ransom, gank, steal or scam. Give them a bottle of rum and a few ships to waste and their happy campers.
 Wormholer’s are another brand of play style they themselves thrive in a hostile environment always watching d-scan and waiting for the next fight or opportunity to make Isk.
The Faction warfare community pledge their lives and sacred honor to their leaders and battle to control systems in the name of their empires.
The pvper’s and the method of play I love the most. These players live for the thrill of the fight. Most pvper’s just want to fight. They love the thrill of battle and thrive on conflict.

You can assign any number of groups titles but in the end we are all players. We may come from an external community or have found a community within the game but at the end of the day we all pay either money or Isk to play. What I want to explore is what a player is at their base why do some harvest tears while others cry foul. What is it that separates the villain from the care bear? The hero form the prey?

Here is a list I have made from my own personal game experience in different MMO’s. There are five different type of players. The Noob, The Fail, The Casual, The Social, and The Hardcore.

The Noob. This is a player just learning how to play. The New player is eager to experience the wonders of New Eden but usually lost and confused. They are unsure where to start. They usually join a learning corp or a group from an external source and begin the learning process. I started as a Noob in eve Uni myself.
The Fail player is a legend in their own lunch box. This type of player will never be willing to listen to advice or grow as a player. They believe that if bad things happen to them it’s completely someone else fault. Jumping into a gate camp they will bemoan how mean the campers were and how unfair eve is and it must change or it will die. The Fail player refuse to take responsibility for their actions and thusly can never improve. They will not mission aligned. They will argue or disregard an fc’s orders and generally are a pain in the ass to anyone who if unfortunate enough to interact with them.
The Casual player is just that casual. They may log on and play a few time a week. This is not a bad thing but these types of players will usually just relax and enjoy the game and then wander on their way. They may be some of the best players and best FCS in game but they are casual players and the game is only one of many hobbies to them. This is my situation in World of Warcraft at this point.
The Social player is in the game to be a part of a community. The wonderful people who join fleets for anything and generally are just on to have fun and a great time. These players would be just as happy to talk on comms as they are to fleet up. They thrive on the social aspects of the game and enjoy themselves.
The Hardcore player is the person playing to win. Everybody needs a community in game and the hardcore player is no different. The difference is in their approach to the game. These type of players do not limit themselves by artificial rules of e-bushido or anything else. They will do whatever it takes to win that is not exploiting and do so gladly. To them the game is about competition and they will not lose. IF they do lose they will make themselves better so they don’t lose again. These are the hardcore players.

To me these are the breakdown of the different types of players in eve and gamming in general. I respect all types of play except for the Fail player. In any game as it is in life if it is not against the law or an exploit it was your fault so please take responsibility. You jumped into a gate camp why didn’t you scout it. You didn’t fight aligned and got ganked then fight aligned. See a local spike when you’re undocking your freighter dock up. Eve is driven on conflict and learning who to trust same as life. In life if you fail it’s on you no matter the reason it’s the same way in eve.

Welcome To the New Eden project.

Hello everyone and welcome to The New Eden Project. A few of you may be wondering what The New Eden Project is. Is it another miner bumping site designed to enforce the code? IS it a site for miner’s to band together? Is it a propaganda site for one of the null sec powers? Or is it a site for Low sec warriors fighting for their peace of the pie. No this site is one player’s opinion of the game of eve.
This project will delve into the game of eve and show how complex and wonderful a world without limits is. We will examine how Capsules have created their own societies and cultures within the sand box. I will also state my own opinions and ideas about eve online unaffiliated with any group even the one I fly with. Scattered within there will be some eve guides and ways I have found to enjoy new Eden.
I would love to hear your Ideas and Thoughts on EVE online. What have your experience been and how has the sandbox influenced your actions in game.